• Fitness Bands Are Stretching Yoga and Pilates Workouts’ Intensity

    Using resistance bands for yoga workout

    Back in the 1980’s elastic bands were introduced as a way to help exercise. While they were all the rage for a short period, they quickly fizzled. Today, elastic bands are back and better than ever. Using new technology that is helping to get a more productive workout, people are turning to these bands to help get in shape. Is it possible to get a good workout by using elastic bands, the critics say yes? Because of their flexible nature, anyone of any age can use them.

    Fitness resistance bands are being used in many facets of exercise. One of the most notable is Pilates. These bands can bring a high intensity Pilates based workout that is not for the faint of heart. Using these bands a person can increase their strength, flexibility and endurance. Using the right techniques, both men and women can equally benefit from the use of these elastic bands. No matter what the age, the methods are working well and people are hooked. They can adjust their workout according to their specific needs.

    Combining the elastic bands with some of the most therapeutic based Pilates moves, people are seeing amazing results. These bands have been tested using Pilates students anywhere from 20-90 years of age and with all different degree of difficulty. The results were nothing short of amazing. People were finding they had flexibility and strength they never knew possible. The workout can be as intense or as gentle as the person needs. It is best to start out slow and work up to the comfort level that is appropriate. Make sure to stop when necessary and slowly build up to a strenuous workout. The bands can be deceptive, as people think they are just elastic. What they provide is an intense workout that is second to none.

    The beauty about these bands is they are easy to transport and can be used in a hotel, relatives home or even while riding in the car. There is no equipment to store and find room for and no need to have a big piece of workout equipment that may one day be outdated. Because everyone will start at different levels of flexibility, it is best to start slow and work up to the most comfortable level. It is always best to work in an area where there is plenty of room to move around. Make sure there is no furniture or sharp objects to get in the way.

    Yoga instructors are finding that there are many ways that these fitness bands can help in those doing their workout too. Some are combining them to come up with a new workout called Yoga Pilates Resistance Band Exercises. Most people see yoga as more of an exercise that allows a person so sit and relax. But they should be thought of as exercises that require a person to stand. By simply taking a fitness band and placing it under the foot, the body can feel the resistance as the person stands in the tree pose and begins doing arm lift using the band. This is just one of 100’s of ways these bands can be used.

    They come in an amazing array of colors and are perfect for any type of workout. They are inexpensive and perfect for anyone who wants to get in shape without using large pieces of equipment. Order some fitness bands today and see how easy it is to lose weight and tone up while feeling great. Low endurance and virtually anyone can use them, this is the exercise support method that most people have waited for.

  • Exercise Starts with Resistant Bands

    Pilate resistance band workout

    Who would not want a flexible, lean body? Your confidence and attitude are transformed as well as your physical strength. The easiest and most inexpensive way to reshape your arms, legs and core, are with fitness bands.

    In a fast-paced, take-out food world, it’s quite easy to fall into the rut of being a little lazy. However, consider this: movement and exercise will give your mind considerably more oxygen, which also alerts your body to desire more flexibility and energy. It’s a win-win cycle that empowers you. A great method of starting any exercise regimen, is through stretching. Elastic bands give your body tone, strength and agility. It does not matter if it is in a quick morning workout, or to concentrate on a specific set of muscles. Bands are the perfect addition to any workout routine.

    One of the most innovative exercise bands today are the yoga bands, for steady movement and relieving stress. Although I really enjoy the benefits of yoga, my favorite are the pilates bands. They improve coordination, balance, and lung capacity among other benefits. You’ll find that the range of your joints and muscles have increased and even your tendons loosen for more control. Since bands can be used in place of weight training, you’ll notice a marked difference in being lean and toned versus muscular.

    One of the most important reasons to use exercise bands is to increase your strength and endurance in the core of your body. Daily routines at work (especially sitting all day) and playing with your children will start to take a toll on your body. Getting adequate stretching can relieve strenuous pressure.

    Believe it or not, many people do not warm up before exercising, which is not a good idea. Exercise bands are perfect for a quick warm up. They enhance the workout and you can feel the difference when you begin a rigorous exercise routine. Your blood flow is evenly distributed through your body and warming up helps you to breathe and relax more.

    Bands come in a variety of resistance levels depending on how challenging your exercise routine is. Obviously, you don’t want to use a less resistant band for a major workout; use caution with all exercise bands. If you have never used an exercise band, it’s probably a good idea to start with a lighter band until you build your strength and agility.

    As with any new routine, use good judgement and pace yourself. Exercise bands are excellent tools to measure your flexible growth and resilience.

  • Stretch Your Workout with Fitness Bands

    Use resistance bands for dancing

    When you tire of the same old workout or you’ve reached a plateau in your training, add yoga bands to reinvigorate your fitness routine once again. The versatility of a yoga band makes it ideal to add extra resistance to muscle training, dance classes, and, of course, yoga workouts. This piece of fitness equipment isn’t just suitable for the gym, it is easy enough to incorporate in fitness exercises you do at home as well. By adding extra resistance to stretches and weight training at home, you can exercise muscles that may be hard to exercise otherwise, giving your body more overall toning.
    Weight Training with Fitness Bands

    Weights are one of the easiest pieces of equipment to work with at home or at the gym. Muscle classes are springing up across the country that involve repetitions with 3, 5, and 10 pound dumbbells led by an instructor and all timed to music. Even though it is not a yoga workout, portions of it can be made into a bands workout by leveraging the weight of the body to create the weight and stretching the band to create the resistance. For instance, standing in a jump rope position with the ends in either hand and standing on the band offers a variety of ways to then stretch the band in tune to the music so as to exercise various muscles in the body using the weight of the body as resistance.
    Dancing with Fitness Bands

    Fitness isn’t just about doing boring exercises; it can include dances as well! Jazzercise or Zumba classes are great workouts, but can really be challenging when you add some extra resistance with fitness bands. If you are not confident enough to try a class at a local gym, there are a variety of exercise videos that can introduce you to some of the basic dance steps and run you through a routine right in your own living room. Since fitness bands are very inexpensive to purchase, you can incorporate them into your dance fitness routine fairly easily once the dance moves get old. It will be like having a whole new workout and your muscles will feel it, too!
    Yoga with Fitness Bands

    Yoga can be soothing and challenging at the same time. Some poses don’t appear to do much except calm the mind. If you want to add a little more challenge to beginning poses, you can use the fitness band to tone the muscles from the start of the routine to the end. But, you don't have to be a yoga expert to like the bands. Fitness bands can also be helpful for beginners trying to master a difficult pose. The band can be threaded in between the knees or around the back and used as a connection band when fingers don’t interlock when they’re supposed to because maximum flexibility has not been achieved yet. By carefully stretching the muscles in these more challenging poses with the yoga band, the fingers will eventually come to touch either behind the back or around the body. Also, one version of a pose can be done without the band and the next with the band to compare comfort level and energy with or without the band. Yoga experts also like the high resistance bands to add even challenge to a difficult pose while not losing their balance. If you purchase your yoga band online, you can choose more loose and flexible designs for beginners or more rigid and higher resistance bands for experts.

  • Let's all band together to lose those pounds, and get fit!

    Various resistance band packages

    Are you looking for a quality, affordable piece of fitness equipment to get or keep you in good fitness that you can use in the comfort of your own home or take with you when going on vacation or maybe while you are living the “jet-set” lifestyle? Look no further, Bodylastics fitness bands are all that you’re going to need! Weighing only a few ounces, Bodylastics fitness bands are easy to set up, so if you are on the move and don’t have time for complex assembly that takes up precious time that most of us do not have, this is a perfect fit for you!

    Fitness Bands has an impressive track record, they are constantly in use by hospitals and physical therapy clinics for assistance in rehabilitating patients. Science has proven through consistent testing that the way to repair and to modify the shape of muscles and make it stronger is to lengthen and shorten them with resistance. What sets fitness bands apart from the rest is the similarity of using them in comparison to weights or bulky fitness machines for resistance training. In essence, you are getting more bang for your buck!

    Attention men, women, children, elderly, and the athletic; Fitness Bands yoga pilates were designed specifically for you! Whether you are a pro, just starting off, or maybe you just need to free up some extra space in your home from those space eating exercise machines. Fitness Bands can even be used as a warm up before going out in the playing field or going on stage!

    Fitness Bands comes in an affordable package which includes:
    -Fitness Bands: Four bands that are made of the highest quality latex and have varying degrees of tension. You can use one or all four to vary the resistance.
    -Handles: The two handles are made from tough, durable plastic and have spongy foam grips in the middle. The handles are necessary for several upper and lower body exercises.
    -Ankle Straps: The two ankle straps are made of soft Nylon and Velcro. They are necessary for several upper and lower body exercises. You can also use these straps on your wrists in case you are lacking grip strength.
    -Door Anchor: Enables the Fitness Bands to be safely attached to any door, thus making exercises such as triceps, extensions, seated back rows, and hamstrings curls a snap to set up.
    -User Manual - The user manual details all the suggested exercises and workout programs with plenty of information for beginners.

    There is also a 36 minute circuit training video that features three full body circuits with resistance and cardiovascular moves for all levels that incorporates cardiovascular factors to ensure the fastest results from optimum fat burning. This video is sold separately.

    For an optimum band exercise at an affordable price, go to Lets all band together and get fit!

  • Resistance Bands workout

    Black Mountain brand resistance bands

    If you are looking for a great way to stretch and tone your muscles stretching bands are a great option. Bands are made from heavy duty material so not only are they great for exercising but they last a long time. Exercise bands are very simple to use. All you do is stretch the band and the tension works to tone the muscles and help lose body fat. There are dozens of exercises that can be done with bands and many different options.

    Since resistance bands are such a great way to exercise many different companies offer them. Some of the best resistance bands brand companies are Ripcords, Bodylastics, Black Mountain, and Aylio. Ripcords are probably one of the most known on the list. There exclusive handle is made to allow for the best grip and the most comfort while working out. They offer a variety of bands in different tensions so they are easy to work out with. They offer everything from light to heavy tension resistance so they are great for people of any fitness level.

    Bodylastics are great for a full resistance band routine because they offer sets so you can change up your daily work out. Start out with the light tension which is typically around 3 pounds of tension until you work your way up to the 96+ pounds of tension. The bands are different colors so it is simple to tell which is light tension and which is heavy tension. Bodylastics are made with anti snap protection to avoid any injury or breaking.

    Black Mountain bands are popular because they are easy to find and very reliable. The bands are made from synthetic rubber that is made from very high quality. The Black Mountain resistance bands come in a variety of tensions. There are tensions as low as 2 pounds and tensions that are 30+ pounds. They are especially great for adding definition and tone to your arms and legs.

    The bands company Aylio offers a great variety for everyone especially beginners and advanced users. Most of the beginning sets and bands have tensions as low as 7 pounds. The higher tension bands can be as much as 40+ pounds. Like most other resistance bands the different tension bands are colored coordinated to make it easy to remember which are the light tension bands and which are the heavy tension bands.

    Resistance bands are great for working out many different muscles and areas of the body. The arms can be toned and the legs can be strengthened by doing simple stretches with the bands. The stomach can be tightened and the chest can become stronger by placing the band around other objects to create even more tension. Working out with bands can also help you lose weight and tone your thighs and hips. To strengthen the back follow a good routine using bands. Resistance bands are also a great way to stretch out the muscles before a run or jog. They are even great to use during a job to work the arms, shoulders and back.

    There are many benefits to using bands besides losing weight and toning muscles. They are easy to carry around so there is no lugging heavy gym bags or equipment. Since they are compact hey don't take up extra room like weights do so it is easy to store them in a draw or a closet. The different tensions allow for a well balanced routine mixing heavy and light tensions. Whether you are new to working out or on an advanced level bands can be a great option to help lose weight and change your body.

  • Flexible Bands Are Stretching Workouts To A New Level

    stretchy elastic bands

    You’ve probably seen every piece of exercise equipment on the market. Some of this equipment gets rave reviews while others fizzle out and disappear from sight. What if you were told that you could get an amazing resistance band workout using only a rubber band type device?

    That’s right, a band can help you get into amazing shape and help you to become increasingly flexible. If you’re thinking of the bands that came out more than 20 years ago, think again. These bands are nothing at all like the ones of yesteryear, these are tested and have been proven to be a great way to shed pounds and strengthen those tough to tone places. There is no age requirement and anyone from the youngest to the oldest can benefit from a workout using fitness bands. There is no heavy equipment to move back and forth and there is never a reason to try to find a large enough place to store them. They are compact and weigh almost nothing, so people see these bands as a great fitness option.

    These fitness resistance bands are being incorporated into many specific styles of exercise to turn up the heat a few notches. From Pilates to Yoga and even endurance training, people are finding that fitness bands are the way to go. The intensity of the workout is totally different when an elastic band is added. By altering a few techniques, it is possible to get an amazing workout, similar to that of an expensive machine, without breaking the bank. These bands are affordable and anyone can have them. Whether you live in an apartment or in a mansion, these bands will give you the freedom to workout whenever and wherever you please.

    Those who have used these bands are commenting on how amazing they feel just by adding them to the workout. Senior citizens can use these bands without fear of dropping heavy weights on themselves or having issues from a work out on heavy equipment. They weigh next to nothing so there is no problem lifting or using them as part of a routine workout. Because of the flexible nature of these bands, each person can customize a workout that they can do and that they can benefit from.

    Some people start out too fast because they feel that these bands are not evasive. It is best to start out nice and slow and build up a workout that is based on your personal tolerance level. Once you develop a nice routine, you can take these bands anywhere with you. If you are going to a hotel that doesn’t have a gym, you don’t need one, just bring along your bands. There are hundreds of exercises that can be incorporated using various techniques all by using these wonder bands. If something is to intense, you have the power to customize the exercise for your needs.

    These bands come in a wide array of colors and it is easy to purchase ones with a handle for an easy workout. Many gyms and workout studios across America are finding that using these bands is helping their clients to get a better workout. Want to work on those Abs, using specific exercises, it is possible to target one area and get the best workout possible. Don’t just take our word for it, read the countless reviews that show how amazing these bands truly are. Because of their low price tag, you have nothing to lose to try them out. These miracle bands can help you to shed unwanted pounds and to get control of your workout.

  • Resistance Bands By Fitness Band for everyday workout routines

    Durable resistance bands

    Getting in shape, and staying in shape is often a challenge for people, no matter what age or body type. Many people struggle to find the right way to get their body in better shape without starving themselves, or enduring tedious workouts. Although many people are becoming more aware of keeping on top of their health and physical appearance, who really wants to spend countless hours out of their days in the gym? Who wants to spend tons of money on buying bulky exercise equipment? With Fitness Band's specialty designed resistance bands you do not need any huge fitness equipment, all you need is one small item to tone every major and minor muscle group in your body!

    The resistance band designed by Fitness Band works by utilizing techniques which involve using your own body with a single flexible band. This flexible band is designed to be used as leverage, as it helps you to sculpt and tone your body. Using the resistance band, you can learn to get creative with your bodybuilding resistance band workout. Do this by standing on the bands, using your body to manipulate the force of gravity with your body. This is where the band get's it's name. The resistance applied with the band and the weight of your body is what allows it to tone your entire body.

    You may think that resistance bands are only good for toning/strengthening the arms and legs, however with the bodybuilding resistance band workout you can literally sculpt every muscle in your body, including the core. To apply a resistance band workout that will help to tone the core, perform exercises which will enable you to pull your body in the opposite direction of the resistance bands. One such exercise that helps with toning the core is sitting on the floor with your legs apart, while the resistance band loop is wrapped around one foot. As you have the resistance band positioned around your foot, pull the band toward you, while slightly twisting your body away from the band. This is one of the many resistance band workout methods you can use for targeting your core.

    With the Fitness Band resistance band, workouts are just as intense as any other workout, with the exception of putting the added stress on your joints and muscles that exercise equipment does. The resistance bands by Fitness Band are some of the most durable resistance bands you will find. Made with 100% quality latex material, These resistance bands are created to withstand the most stressful and intense strength training exercises. Not to mention, the prices for the resistance band from Fitness band is comparably cheaper than most resistance bands on the market. With Fitness Band resistance bands, you can achieve relatively quick results with sculpting your body, using bodybuilding resistance band workout methods that can be found in the exercise section within the website. Combine these suggested exercises with your very own techniques to get maximum results!

    Another great thing about resistance bands, is that you don't have to be concerned about having a huge amount of space to store bulky exercise equipment. You will no longer have to wonder how you will pack your exercise materials with you during trips. You will never have to deal with using multiple exercise machines to target specific parts of your body! The resistance bands are one tiny item for any part of the body that you can carry just about anywhere! With all the benefits of using resistance bands for your regular exercise routines, make sure that you choose the best around. Look no further than Fitness Band online for all your needed fitness bands, including yoga and Pilates bands.

  • Add Some Resistance to Your Pilates Workout

    Pilate using resistance bands

    Pilates has been an increasingly popular form of exercise that has been known to work the entire body. Pilates is meant to improve flexibility, strength, and body awareness through graceful, controlled, targeted moves. When you perform Pilates, you will continuously engage the core muscles, focus on your breathing, and concentrate on the movement of the exercise to ensure that it is being done correctly. With Pilates, you get a long, lean look versus that of a bulked up, muscular look.

    Pilates is a great form of exercise that is ideal for individuals just beginning to those who are at advanced levels of fitness. All age groups, dancers, athletes, and even those who have certain disabilities can do Pilates and reap the benefits from the concentrated movements. Pilates is even ideal if you have suffered an injury or recovering from a surgical procedure.

    Pilates can be done in the comfort of your own home by incorporating a mat and/or a machine. Once you get comfortable doing a certain exercise, you are able to incorporate and add resistance to amp up your workout. Fitness resistance bands are the easiest and most ideal way for you to add resistance and get the most out of your workout.

    Fitness bands are made from high quality latex and are a great tool to add to your Pilates workout. The bands are versatile, effective, safe, and portable. Resistance bands are one of the easiest pieces of fitness equipment to begin using. No matter what your fitness level may be, resistance bands can be used for basic moves or to added to make moves more challenging for advanced users of the Pilates method. They are compact, don't take up much space at all, and can easily be packed in a bag to take your fitness wherever you may go. Plus, they are a cost effective way to strengthen and sculpt your body.

    Pilates stretch band exercises allow you to get the most effective workout. The bands will be added to your current workout routine. The bands acts as a resistance to challenge your muscles to work a bit harder. Your joints have no added stress and are still able to complete the moves fluidly. The Pilates stretch band exercises allow you to get the most out of your workout and your results will be better.

  • Maximize your Workout Regimen

    Side-stepping exercise

    The most important thing to remember about using aids for daily exercise is that they are meant to make the normal function of the musculoskeletal system a bit harder for added benefit. The natural ways your body moves from head to toe is an indicator of what physical activity is most beneficial to the body. Incorporating stretch band exercises is a great way to use, develop and refine what Mother Nature gave you while adding a great deal of impetus for becoming stronger, healthier and more flexible.

    Stretch band exercise primary intensifies normal movement into muscle fiber-activating, nutrient-recruiting motion that you would normally not perform with daily activities. Attaching stretch bands is much like resistance training in the gym, but slightly different.

    Using bands provides resistance stimulus to muscles, ligaments and tendons. Unlike traditional resistance training, force is first directed to the joints and nervous response systems and after a while, to sliding muscle fibers and the nutrient-rich fascia surrounding the muscle bellies.

    What does this mean?

    Lifting weights and resistance training forces the muscles of the body to adapt according to workload and fuel reserves. Stretch band exercises add just enough stimuli to help the musculoskeletal system perform closer to its intended functional potential.

    Think about side step exercises with stretch bands. The band is threaded below your feet and guided with your hands. As you step to either side, the stretch band increases the leg’s functional limit and nervous system recognition beyond the loads they are used to. The brain and nervous system sense this activity as something promoting functional adaptation.

    Just enough energy and nutrients are released to handle the extra work load without triggering a “growth” response. In essence, certain stretch band exercise prompts the body to move and function in a mode reflecting its ideal design.

    Conclusively, heavy resistance tells the muscles of the body to grow and prepare. Stretch bands tell the body to perform at its naturally designed pinnacle.

    Stretch band exercises are an ideal way to maximize your exertion and effort in a long-term workout regimen with the goal of superior tone, shape and endurance in mind!

  • Tone with Exercise Band Exercises

    Butt exercises

    If you been trying to tone and get your body into shape but it's just not happening the way that you would like it too, you may not have chosen the right type of exercises for yourself. Consider choosing a new form of exercise that will give you the results that you expect with exercise band exercises. You can choose from a large variety of bands that offer a variety of resistance and you can also choose from a large variety of exercises for each part of the body that you wish to tone or whip in to shape.

    If you want to tone your legs and build muscles you can choose to do several exercises that will help tone your calves and well as your thighs. There are no heavy weights to lift and you don't have to walk or run for miles while having weights chained to your ankles when choose the resistance bands.

    You can give your arms a great work out as well. You might choose to do some behind the head resistance exercises that help your abs as well as those flabby areas that you are so unhappy with. By standing on the band with one foot and pulling it up with one hand, you will be able to enjoy a great work out that will help you get your arms into shape.

    There are great exercise band exercises for the butt and the back as well that you can do to help get them tight and healthy as well. If you need to do a little work on your tummy area, you will be able to do several exercise band exercises that will allow you to tighten your tummy area as well.

    If you spent money in the past on expensive exercise equipment that you never got your money out of or that you saw no results with you don't have to worry about having a repeat of that. The exercise bands are affordable and you will enjoy being able to work out whenever you want whether it's at home, at a friends house or in a hotel room while traveling.

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