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What Cooking Oils Are The Healthiest to Use?

healthy cooking oils

People often joke about how their ancestors ate butter, wondering why it is portrayed as such a "bad" substance nowadays. You will be just fine with consuming traces of this saturated fat. However, most people consume far more of this substance than they should, and they don't exercise enough to help work "bad" things out of their system like butter.

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If You Use Butter

Experts recommend that you never cook it on hotter temperatures than medium heat. Otherwise, any of the valuable proteins and carbohydrates found in it will just burn away. To reap the rewards that butter has, just be careful how much you use and how you cook it.

One recommended type of butter will benefit you the most--the grass-fed variety. Ghee butter also is better if you were to cook it at higher heat, but generally higher temperatures are discouraged.

A Bit Of History About Butter

Although in our Modern-day diets we may consume too much butter, it's not all bad for you. In fact, used to be regarded as a medicine, and consumed by people who went about their lives unharmed. Still, moderation is important when using any type of saturated fat.

What You Really Should Avoid

If you want to avoid fatty substances, you are better off not using margarine. You never know what they put in that stuff half the time. Just read some margarine labels to find out the truth for yourself. At least when you consume butter it has some nutritional merit.

So What Cooking Fats And Oils Should Be Used?

Aside from butter, below is a description of some of the recommended ones:

  • Lard, Scmaltz, and Tallow-Lard is a pork fat, Schmaltz is a goose fat, and tallow is beef (or mutton) fat. If you use these, the recommendation is to obtain them from grass-fed animals. Each one of these substance provides a distinctive flavor.
  • Olive oil-This one is mentioned quite a bit in the Bible. It has a huge benefit to the body. It also flavors food much better than canola or vegetable oil.
  • Coconut oil-This has a unique flavor, and often is used in Asian recipes. Coconut also offers health benefits to the body. It's great for desert cooking and withstands higher temperatures.
  • Palm oil-This one is know for it's pleasant flavor. It can spruce up many different recipes that are otherwise bland. It is useful on higher temperatures.
  • Sesame oil-If you don't want your food to taste too sweet, this one is excellent for Asian cooking. It offers great flavor in both raw and cooked dishes.

Other Options

Various nut oils made from walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, or peanuts are also fun for cooking. You can expand your recipe horizon when using them.